Upcoming POI in Coral Cove Fortnite rendering reveals a glimpse

Upcoming POI in Coral Cove Fortnite rendering reveals a glimpse

A considerable lot of the past Fortnite seasons have built up the guide after some time, yet 2 Season 3 is the first occasion when that we comprehend somewhat about what’s in store. Epic told us the water would recede over the course of the year, and miners were able to take a peek at how a few of the new POIs would present themselves.

A great deal of fans have been pondering about the”Ruins” or”Atlantis” POI that has been reputed to be going to the game. Many players expected to see it if Aquaman came out. He was released now and, according to data miners, the water levels will probably return this weekend. We can likely expect to find that this POI encounter the game on the 18th when this occurs.

Reddit user and Twitch streamer Koooooomar submitted an image to the r/FortniteBR subreddit that gives us a closer look in this forthcoming POI. As expected, it will arise from the ruins of Coral Cover and The Shark, giving our singing buddies their residence, once more.

This image likely does not demonstrate the entirety of this new location, and we have some hints about a different place home Aquaman. Epic released a promotional photograph that showed a wall of water, very similar to what we saw in the end of Season 2.

We’ll keep you posted as to exactly what happens when the water levels return. Rumors have it that cars will be coming into the match following week, so we’re excited about that.

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