Underwater ship could wreckage be linked to The Seven?

Underwater ship could wreckage be linked to The Seven?

Underwater ship could wreckage be linked to The Seven?

As soon because the Fortnite v13.30 published, players began to note there was something under the water within the fringe of this map. those that took a more in-depth look in playoff style could see this is often a wrecked ship.

Much of the aesthetics of this boat wore the Siona skin. we will see a ship that shares the identical colors and characteristics as Siona’s foundation outfit. what’s more is that this boat has an occupant. there is a male skin wearing the identical outfit as Siona, sitting in one in all those chairs.

The passenger chair is empty, but which strongly suggests that this can be how Siona have to be compelled to the Fortnite island. She is, after all, the only real space-themed skin within the Season 3 battle pass.

This ship is admittedly out-of-place once you concentrate on the surface theme of Season 3. We’re watching a flooded map affected by sharks and watching the water levels go down about once every week. Nothing — but, possibly, the Marauders — tip towards space playing any role during this season.

Anyone who played with Fortnite during Chapter 1 Season 3 remembers that this was the season that began it all when it involves the lore of the sport. The meteor hit the island at the start of the season and also the Visitor arose from his pod, within. The season finished with the long-lasting Rocket Launch — that the first-ever in-game Fortnite occasion.

Can we be seeing something like Chapter 2 Season 3? The Visitor was one in all the Seven — initially introduced in Chapter 1 Season 3. we have not fulfilled any extra members of The Seven because Season X. Could this mystery astronaut be number four? YouTuber Ali-A touched this idea in one among his recent videos.

(Theme begins at 8:25)

“One of the biggest parts of the Fortnite storyline — The Seven — are associated with futuristic space,” Ali-A clarified.
“To tie it back and to get more about those figures, space goes to wish to revisited at a specific stage; and it looks like it’s all starting up here.”

Ali-A went on to theorize that The Marauders can be attempting to find this particular myserious personality, which could fall in line with a rather different theory from TheSmithPlays.

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