Season 4 Week 8 Challenge Fortnite guide

Season 4 Week 8 Challenge Fortnite guide

Completing each of these challenges and frequently playing the sport should get most gamers to level 100, but that is only the start of the cosmetic unlocks, this season.

Players still require plenty of XP if they wish to unlock all the foil variants for the Fight Pass skins. You need to reach degree 220 to unlock all of the Season 4 makeup, so it is no time to slow down. Here are all of the question for Week 8 of Season 4:

  • Hunt Chests in Sweaty Sands (7)
  • Eliminations at Stark Industries (5)
  • Drive a Vehicle through a rift (1)
  • Eliminate opponents while jumping or decreasing (5)
  • Headshot Doom Henchmen or even Stark Robots (35)
  • See distinct Named Locations in a single match (5)
  • Deal damage to competitions with Assault Rifles or Sniper Rifles (15,000)
  • Deal damage to opponents at Misty Meadows (500)
  • This list of challenges could be the easiest of this season. All you need to do is play normal games while focusing on landing in specific areas such as Stark Industries, Misty Meadows, and Doom’s Domain.

There are two areas where driving a vehicle through a rift is remarkably easy: the Taft Transport truck at the northwest portion of the map or at Ant Manor out of Holly Hedges. The former is frequently left alone and always spawns a Big Rig and the latter enables you to rapidly drive a vehicle from Holy Hedges into a rift.

Apart from this challenge, the only tough one will be eliminating players while falling. Obviously, when you are with a problem, Team Rumble is the best spot to complete it. After that, you should be dwelling. Fantastic luck!

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