Season 4 teaser revealed as rift appears in sky above the map Fortnite

Season 4 teaser revealed as rift appears in sky above the map Fortnite

The very first teaser for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is here, adding to the hype for the upcoming Marvel theme, and there is a sneaky inclusion in-game too.

The teaser showed off the brand we’ve got already seen, together with a comic book version of Thor.

More interesting though, was the caption on Fortnite’s article:”The Herald has discovered The Island. Experience Part 1 in-game today…”

The’Herald’ presumably describes Thor himself, who, similarly because the god, may be referred to as the”Herald of Thunder’ from the Marvel universe.

In terms of the War, it’d visit any number of conflicts and wars in both Marvel and myths.

Or, possibly, it pertains to Epic’s real-life (lawful ) war against Apple and Google — finally, Epic’s Donald Mustard has intimated that”it’s all linked.”

As for the in-game reference, players quickly found that a different page of the magazine in sport had been shown.

Again, this tells a story about Thor, which you’ll read from the video shared with ShiinaBR.

Nevertheless, this might not be the only real teaser within the sport. FNBRHQ shared the primary examine a replacement rift that has been spotted within the skies over the island.

Again, this looks related to the superhero motif — possibly the incoming herald of thunder himself, Thor.

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