New Fortnite Wolverine Banana Peely leak points, Marvel POI & more

New Fortnite Wolverine Banana Peely leak points

There were rumors swirling in the Fortnite area about the subject of Season 4 for months. Hypex and others had been hinting at a Marvel motif, which was later corroborated by Tabor Hill and eventually confirmed by Epic Games on August 21.

Following the affirmation, Hypex tweeted a few additional leaked information he obtained from his confidential source. His source has been correct up until this point, so we have no reason to doubt the validity of those escapes.

The new information does not give away everything, but it does tell us a bit about what to expect in the Battle Pass. Epic had already all but confirmed Thor through their most recent teaser, but Hypex told me that there’ll be a Marvel/Thor themed POI. When we had to guess, this could likely be Asgard — a new Mythic location.

That is not all the new season will include, however. We will also, reportedly, be getting a Wolverine epidermis, a reference to the Wolverine Banana meme through Peely, and literary comics that we are going to have to find around the Fortnite map.

There is still a lot that we do not know about the new year. What new mechanisms would it offer (besides the fishing revamp)? Are we getting a new car or truck? Only time will tell.

The best news coming out of now needs to be that Season 3 is going to be the primary season in Chapter 2 to finish with no expansion. That is massive for participant involvement, as any expansion could have been met with a chorus of eye-rolls from the community. This time next week, we are going to be driving round the Fortnite map as Thor.

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