New Fortnite wall-phasing trick use Decoy Grenades

New Fortnite wall-phasing trick use Decoy Grenades

Exploits in Fortnite are more widespread and useful than they’re in nearly any other match. Epic are probably never going to fix the famed ramp phasing suggestion, for instance, as it might mess with the turbo-building mechanic and likely cause more damage than good. If they do, the neighborhood will come across a new approach to get inside of a competitor’s box.

A new means to obtain an edge on your opponent appears to introduce itself in every season.

These grenades have already been the cause of several exploits in Fortnite, leading to them being handicapped in certain modes. When they were released, for example, it was possible to acquire free materials in Arena Mode by building them in a box and letting them die. The decoys dropped materials as if they were real players.

These grenades are being used to phase to an opponent’s box. The method is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is throw the grenades in the corner of the box, walk facing them, pickaxe the walls, and walk ahead. The Decoys will push you through. Dependent on the clip, this method seems to work with as much as one decoy.

This harness is comparatively situational since most players don’t carry Decoy Grenades quite often. Nonetheless, it’s worth knowing if you’re ever in a situation to make use of it. What’s more, it is essential to be watching for somebody working with this trick . If you see someone stacking Decoys outside of your box, prepare to take them. They’re coming in.

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