“Hightower” event files leaked Fortnite

"Hightower" event files leaked Fortnite

“Hightower” event files leaked Fortnite

With the v13.40 update bringing cars to Fortnite, we’re officially in the back-half of Season 3. This means that it’s time to start speculating about the assumed season-ending event. The Device event changed everything we thought about Fortnite, so what will the next event tell us?

For the first time in the new season, data miners found some files that relate to an upcoming event. The event has the code name “Hightower.” So far, pretty much all we know is that the event will lead to these strange markings on the ground.

Data miner, FortTory, got a closer look at how the markings – potentially craters – will look when they come to Fortnite. These bear a slight resemblance to the runes left behind by Kevin as he traversed the Chapter 1 map.

FireMonkey also included some of the sound files for the event. Like the device event, it’s hard to gauge how these sounds will relate to in-game happenings. They’re cool to hear, nonetheless.

We’re guessing that most of these sounds will occur when players get near the craters or runes – but this is only speculation.

These “Hightower” files have all the makings of a progressive event. We may start to see the markings pop up across the map over the course of the next few weeks. They may all lead to an in-game event at the end of the season, similar to many other events we’ve seen in the past.

The Fortnite plotline has only grown more complex in Season 2. The most popular theory is that we’re stuck inside of a simulation. Midas knew about it and somehow broke through for a few seconds – only to be munched by a shark when the season shifted.

We’ll undoubtedly learn more about this event as more updates release and Epic add more files to the game. Until then, your guess as to the meaning of all of this is as good as ours.

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