Fortnite Season 3 when will the map stop draining?

Fortnite Season 3 when will the map stop draining?

Fortnite Season 3 when will the map stop draining?

When Fortnite Season 3 began, the majority of the map was underwater. That was the key gimmick of the season, together with Aquaman, the latest locations, and new supervisors. In general, it had been a novel concept that we’ve never noticed at Fortnite before. Many fans were worried about what this might mean for the game, but it ended up being pretty entertaining.

Since then, the map has competent several drying-out periods — the most recent of which was today, July 30. we have seen POIs like Dirty Docks, Pleasant Park, Sweaty Sands, and Craggy Cliffs lose all of their water and return to the way they were during Season two — with some slight alterations.

We might even see the season extended for every week or two, but all players predict that we don’t have another Chapter 2 Seasons 1 and a couple of on our hands.

Well, in line with the data that we’ve got today, the water will reach its final level on Lammas Day. this is often also, reportedly, when the’Ruins’ POI (assumed to be Atlantis) will enter the match.

We can assume, then, that we’ll be playing this kind of the map for the ultimate month of the season. Can automobiles enter the match on August 1? we are able to only hope — although the message from No Sweat Insurance would indicate otherwise.

Hopefully, Epic have something up their sleeves to the last month of the season. With the bulk of players nearing level 100 now, we’ll need something unaccustomed fulfill our time. We’re holding out hope that cars are coming into Fortnite sooner instead of later.

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