Fortnite concept brings a much-needed Marauders adjustment

Fortnite concept brings a much-needed Marauders adjustment

Fortnite concept brings a much-needed Marauders adjustment

They were obviously added to substitute the Henchmen which were at the old forts just as give players something to do during the consistent brain game respite.

These NPC enemies take Stink Grenades, Shotguns, ARs, Hunting Rifles, and RPGs. They can be a good source of loot should you need it but are be devastating if you do not. There are countless clips of gamers getting eliminated by rogue Marauders who third-party a struggle. This can be annoying in people matches and downright broken in competitive games. Here’s a clip of a player in Champion League who got murdered by a Marauder while pushing a enemy. This should not occur.

Marauders will definitely have something to do with the Season 3 plot and therefore are likely here for the length of the season. They do not belong in aggressive manners, but that’s a subject for another article. In the meantime, it is about how we manage them while they’re in the sport.

Most players avoid Marauders at all costs — notably in solo mode. They are not worth the substance, shield, and ammo cost needed to take them out. While you’re fighting them and protecting yourself, you’re extremely vulnerable to being eliminated by a different player.

The concept is simple: scale the number of Marauders that spawn by each game style. Epic already do so with the wellness of Supply Drops, so why not do it with Marauder mobs?

Marauders would nevertheless have the capability to get rid of unsuspecting gamers and ruin tournament games, but with two to three spawn in a group would be a good deal simpler to handle — especially when Epic keep them to the Season 3 FNCS contest.

Ideally, Epic would remove Marauders from all competitive manners, but they are almost certainly staying in public games. A concept like this one could be the most which we could hope for.

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