Fortnite Aquaman’s Trident location

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This season, Epic provided us the secret skin over the fifth week of struggles rather than the seventh. If you log into Fortnite, you will be able to unlock the Aquaman skin and trident to utilize in-game. The skin can be found by completing all of the current challenges however, the trident requires you to look around.

The trident is located at Coral Cove, in the northwest section of the map. This was where our previous coral friends set up shop last season prior to being displaced by the flooding.

Unfortunately, finding the trident is not as easy as finding one rock in Team Rumble. Epic made it a little more difficult — although, not by much. There are three possible places for the trident to spawn in each individual match. These are the 3 islands that surround the whirlpool from the Coral Cove region.

If you see one of these rock formations and do not locate the trident, just proceed to another. It is certain to spawn at one of those places at a match. After grabbing the trident, you need to transform into Aquaman and will have the ability to perform the remainder of the match.

We recommend finishing this challenge in a game of Team Rumble. There isn’t too much in the means of loot on these small islands, which means you would most likely have a demanding game after claiming the Trident. Obviously, that part is all up to you.

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